June 12, 2009

Freeing Bonded Labourers-Bihar Govt.'s Laudable Administrative Action

Bihar Government has announced that it will rescue at its cost bonded labourers in other states and all those labourers from Bihar in other states who are being detained against their will by their masters /employers. Bihar Govt. would , at its cost, ensure the return of these workers to their homes in Bihar.

For this Bihar Govt. has also opened a special wing in New Delhi. Victimised workers or Social organisations interested in rescue of any unwilling worker should write a letter or contact on the following numbers :-

1) Joint Labour Commissioner, Migrant Labourer Unit, Bihar Bhawan, Kautilya Marg, New Delh
Phone 011-23010147 ; 09891008453
2 ) Labour Commissioner , Bihar, Vikas Bhawan, Patna
Tel : 0612-2221559 ; 09431091731 ; Fax 0612-2221559
3 ) Joint Labour Commissioner , Bihar, Patna
Tel :0612-2231918 ; 09431072384
4) Chief Secretary, Human Resources Deptt., Bihar, Vikas Bhawan, Patna
Tel : 0612-2223855 ; Fax ; 0612-2222704

This Blog congratulates Bihar Govt, under Chief Minister Nitish Kumar for moving the administration for the welfare of humble and downtrodden fellow Indians

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