June 05, 2009

Immersion of Sant Baba Ramanand 's Holy Ashes at Hardwar on 07-06-09

Immersion of holy ashes of Sant Baba Ramanand of Dera Sach Khand Ballan , Jalandhar would be conducted on 07-06-09 at Hardwar.

"Antim Ardas " would be on 13-06-09 at the Dera.

The " Samadhi " ( cremation site ) of Sant Baba Ramanand is near Guru Ravi Dass Satsang Bhawan adjoining the Samadhi of earlier Dera Chief ( Gaddi- Nashin ) Sant Baba Garib Dass in the compound of the Dera.

As is being done in the past, the annual Death Anniversary ( " Salana Barsi " ) of Sant Baba Sarwan Dass ( earlier Gaddi Nashin ) would be observed on 11-06-09 at the Dera.

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