June 01, 2009

Jalandhar Peaceful--For 01-06-09 only Night Curfew

Jalandhar is peaceful and more or less back to normal. Only night curfew remains from 11 pm to 5 am.

People , particularly " Jalandhar Riot Victims "( Jalandhar Danga Pidit ) have widely welcomed the statement that all Riot Victims ( Private Property ) would be fully compensated by the Govt.

Govt. should ,with immediate effect , set in an administrative mechanism so that claims are recorded and damages assessed properly. With passage of time evidence of damage gets lost. Spurious claims can also crop up. Example, if a certain car owner ( whose vehicle was not insured against riot / malicious damage ) has his car smashed up by the arsonists may have , out of sheer necessity ,got it repaired at his personal cost. The damage assessment authority nominated by the Govt. may refuse his claim.

So, immediate assessment is required of losses suffered by "Jalandhar Danga Pidit".

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