June 12, 2009

NRI Husband in Holland Throws Wife Out- Police Case Registered in India

A NRI ( Non Resident Indian ) husband has shown the door to his wife ( hailing from village Wadala- Jalandhar ) in Holland . His grouse was that wife's parents were not giving him Rs. 10 lakh with which he wanted to purchase a house in Holland. The couple was married in India in 2005 .

It is gratifying to know that police here in India ( Amritsar police ) have registered a case against the NRI husband and booked his family members here in India.

Most of the time, NRI husbands get away with their wrong doings because of confusion over proper police jurisdiction ; whether it is India or the country of couple's residence. Many NRI husbands act as if Indian Laws ( like HMA which makes bigamy a criminal offence or Anti dowry Act ) do not apply to them. Many NRIs when exposed on their multiple marriage have countered with the incorrect argument that Indian laws do not apply to them. Now, Indian law is catching up with the errant NRI husbands.

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Anonymous said...

How could somebody do this? To all those girls who have suffered from such crimes please raise your voice. There is help out there and ask for this. These people should be taught a lesson.