June 03, 2009

Sant Baba Ramanand's Body on Its Way From Austria to the Dera.

Currently, Sant Baba Rama Nand lies in state at the "Zentralfriedhof", the largest cemetery of Vienna, while hundreds of believers are paying homage to him. The scene is heavily guarded by police.

To-day , the body od the late Sant would be returning to India. Dera Chief ( Gaddi Nashin ). Sant Baba Niranjan Dass would be returning along with.

All preparations have been made at Dera Sach Khand Ballan for allowing the devotees to pay homage from 10 am till the last rites . A special platform has been built in the Dera compound for the last rites. Special passages bound by pipe railings have been put up to allow devotees to move in a safe and controlled manner.

Dera Sants , Baba Surinder Dass ( Adda Kathar ) and Baba Surinder Dass Bawa have issued a joint appeal , in leading newspapers, asking devotees visiting the Dera to pay homage, not to raise any slogan and to maintain peace and orderabove all.

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