June 02, 2009

Sant Baba Ramanand's Last Rites on 04-06-09 ( 3 PM )

The date and time of last rites of Sant Bab Ramanand of Dera Sachkhand , Ballan ( Jalandhar )has been finalised. These would take place at 3 PM on 04-06-09 ( Thursday ) in the Dera premises.

A chartered executive ( 15 seater Challenger - 850 ) is flying to Vienna ( Austria ). It would bring back the mortal remains of Sant Baba Ramanand . Dera Chief ( Gaddi Nashin ) Sant Baba Niranjan Dass would , also , return in the same plane. There would, also, be doctor and a male nurse with them. Principal Secretary to the Punjab Chief Minister DS Guru and Kartatpur MLA Avinash Chander would , also, be in this chartered plane.Monday was an official holiday in Austria.

This chartered plane would return to Delhi. From there an army helicopter would take the en tour age straight to the Dera Sach Khand in Ballan ( Jalandhar ). The devotees would be allowed to their respects and homage to the Late Sant Baba from 8 am. The cremation would be conducted at 3 PM Sant Baba Nirajan Dass.

There would be no day time curfew in Jalandhar on the day of Sant Baba Ramanand's cremation. However, police and para military forces would be deployed in great strength.

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