June 16, 2009

Vienna Attack-Austrian Police Follow up- Exclusive Report

Austrian police is actively pursuing investigations and making arrests regarding the assailants and their associates of the Vienna shootout case. When Austrian police raided the house of one of the suspects he fired at them. Luckily, no one was hurt.

This alleged shooter is 26 years old, Austrian citizen, from Indian origin. He fired two shots through the closed door of his apartment, when police - members of a SWAT team attached to the the "Cobra" special squad - knocked. The bullets went through the floor of the house into the backyard and hit a wall without hurting anyone. Police think that he had previously supplied the murderers with weapons.
The attacker, who allegedly killed Sant Baba Ramanand and injured Sant Baba Niranjan Dass was injured in the cross fire at the time of original attack. This assailant took a shot in the head during the fight, is still in a coma at a Viennese hospital.
Another suspect who had meanwhile been freed and taken in custody again on Sunday used the time between his arrests to request asylum in Austrian. He claimed that his life would be at risk when he was extradited to India.

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