July 19, 2009

Punjab Electricity Crisis Deepens- Separate Board For Paid Consumers ?

Paid consumers of electricity in Jalandhar and other urban areas of Punjab are being subjected to 6 to 9 hours of power cut. This is having a disastrous effect on on commercial and industrial activities. Export oriented units earning crucial foreign exchange are being denied electricity.

Paid consumers who are being charged exorbitant rates are being made to suffer 6 to 9 hours of power cuts. They are suffering unbearable heat and sticky perspiration while electricity is being diverted to free consumers . Plight of children , old and sick is very miserable.

Paid consumers ' patience seems to be running out. They feel they have a right to get value for money. They feel their money is hard earned too.

Paid consumers of electricity in Punjab want a separate electricity board . This should be run on sound business and economic lines to provide the best possible services and fair value for hard earned money of the consumers . It should be free of the murky world of subsidies , divisive political games , vendettas , and vote bank appeasements.

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