July 04, 2009

Senior Congress Leader Jassi Khangura's Views on Sukhbir Badal

Khangura seeks review of all Sukhbir decisions as Dy CM, Home Minister

Punjab Congress MLA Jassi Khangura today sought the review of all the decisions taken by Sukhbir Badal as the Deputy Chief Minister and Home Minister of the state. He pointed out, after his resignation from the post of the Deputy Chief Minister all his decisions stand ultra vires to the law and the constitution as he failed to validate his position by getting elected to the legislature. Khangura suggested that “this is the very type of loop-hole that allows unelected persons to undermine the proceedings of the house and the functioning of the government. The current UPA government should seek to legislate to ensure that this never happens again. Unelected persons must never again be allowed to dominate a government nor to be part of the legislative process.”

The Qila Raipur MLA observed, Sukhbir Badal had no moral right to become the Deputy Chief Minister. He should first have got elected to the assembly and then aspired to become the Deputy Chief Minister.

“This resignation must also serve as a lesson to the house of Badals that neither they should foist leaders on the people from the top nor try to get them in through the backdoor”, he remarked, while adding, that in the first instance the CM had no moral authority to promote his son as the Deputy Chief Minister of Punjab as he had no mandate to do so and that there was no public interest served by this promotion.

This resignation Khangura added “is one of the very rare instances that Sukhbir has chosen to respect the law of the land” adding that “so deluded is he by the trappings of power that he believes himself invincible and immune from prosecution. The people of Punjab will give him a just reply in the next Vidhan Sabha general elections.”

Khangura added that Sukhbir Badal had done nothing of note during his tenure other than terrorise the masses and intimidate Congress leaders and workers. Khangura queried as to how many days Sukhbir actually attended office and how many policy initiatives he launched.

He further stated “Sukhbir’s first session in the house was noted for one thing: the sycophantic behaviour of his fellow Akali MLAs and the dismissive attitude of Sukhbir to all, particularly the senior Akali leaders, not least the now sadly deceased Capt. Kanwaljit Singh”.

On the record of Sukhbir Badal as Minister for NRI Affairs for the last few months, Khangura stressed that “there has been absolutely no review of NRI issues. Sukhbir is not interested in helping them as most NRIs do not have a vote in India. Rather than help NRIs Sukhbir has ensured that thousands of crores of NRIs assets have been looted, confiscated and grabbed with impunity.” He added that “this is why Sukhbir dare not visit Canada because he knows what type of reception awaits him in that country.”

Khangura closed by stating that Sukhbir’s resignation may not make much difference in the state’s administration since his style of functioning will remain the same and his extra-constitutional interference will continue. “Prior to being administered the oath of the office (of the Deputy Chief Minister) he was already acting like a super CM and now also he will continue in the same way”, he remarked.

Khangura demanded that the colossal sums of money wasted by the Punjab Government on this futile exercise, including the gargantuan Rs5crores squandered on electricity and entertainment during Sukbir’s coronation in Amritsar, be refunded by the Badal family to the state exchequer.

Jassi Khangura MLA Halqa Qila Raipur

Chadigarh 02 July 2009

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