August 11, 2009

Chinese Plans To Break up ( Balkanise ) India ?

It was reported to-day that a prominent Chinese think tank member has proposed that India be broken into 26 different states . The report proposed that the help of India's neighbours should be taken in this" India Dismemberment Campaign ". In a totalitarian state like China such reports have covert Govt. support.

China is surely in a state of paranoia. The unrest in Tibet and Xinjiang is well known . What is not well known is that there is an acute social unrest in China with widespread unemployment due to the current global recession. Situation is very explosive in China. It may indulge in military adventure to divert attention from utter mess it finds it self in .

China is still shrouded in " bamboo curtain ". There is no independent reporting. So much so that even Internet access is controlled. Simple people doing spiritual ( Falun Gong worshippers ) exercises with trees are prosecuted in China.

An independent Tibet is not only in India's interest as a buffer state but it is in the interest of the entire world peace. Every effort should be made to free Tibet from Chinese clutches.

India should begin this process by recognising His Holiness the Dalai Lama led Government as the Tibetan Government in Exile.

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