August 11, 2009

Exremely High Toll at Phillaur ( Jalandhar )GT Road Barrier

Charging Rs.76 a car per crossing ( same amount for a Maruti 800 / Nano and Skoda Octavia) at the Jalandhar - Ludhiana GT Road Toll Tax Collection Point at Phillaur is extremely high and unreasonable.

Whereas this large sum is collected for travelling on the GT Road up till the next barrier ( Delhi side ) at Shambhu ( Rajpura ), there do not seem to be any ambulance or recovery van stationed at convenient intervals.

This is clear case of extorting toll tax without giving any thought to providing service.

GT Road has become extremely congested and , hence , accident prone. Trauma care vans and recovery vehicles should be provided at every 15 KM interval.

Till such facilities are provided the toll tax amount should not be more Rs. 15 for premium cars and Rs 10 for cars in the category of Maruti 800 / Nano

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