August 14, 2009

India's Indepedence ( 1947 )-Pay Homage to Partition Victims Also

Pakistan celebrates its independence day on 14 th . India celebrates on 15 th. Truly, it is a matter of great pride for both countries to have got free of the colonial yolk. Great freedom fighters from both countries jointly took on the might of the British.

Independence Day truly calls for gala celebrations , undoubtedly.

But , simultaneously , let us spare a thought for those thousands of partition victims who, for no fault of theirs, found that they were on the wrong side of the hastily created new borders. Worst possible carnage accompanied Independence. There was utter lawlessness. The worst diabolic side possible in a human being came forth and all acts of madness got pardoned by mass hysteria. The outgoing Britishers behaved as bad losers . They not only overlooked the carnage but derived some sadistic pleasure of feeling the anarchy under non British rule. ( " SEE THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN WE HAVE LEFT. DID NOT WE TELL YOU THAT ONLY BRITISH RULE CAN MAINTAIN LAW AND ORDER " )

No UNO peacekeeping force was put in to place.

Let us , also,pay homage to the victims of 1947. Let us , jointly , put up a memorial dedicated to the victims of 1947.

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