August 23, 2009

NRI -Construction of Grand Houses in Jalandhar District- Hit by World Recession

The world wide recession has affected foreign countries much more than India. This has affected NRIs adversely. Doaba _ Jalandhar belt has the largest number of NRIs.Trades serving NRIs have been badly hit.

NRIs love to construct majestic houses in their villages. Many times such houses are kept locked for long periods. Still NRIs would take pride in building these villas . These houses dot the entire rural areas of Jalandhar. They can be easily identified by the grandeur and a special water tank at the top mostly in the shape of an aeroplane.

Such construction activity has been very adversely affected. Contractors, workers, sanitary goods suppliers are reporting very low business.

Very few NRIs are visiting their ancestral villages. As a result taxi drivers are , also , affected.

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