August 28, 2009

Special Government Cell For Abandoned NRI Brides

A large number of Non Resident ( NRI ) Marriages ( many in Jalandhar- Doaba region ) lead to the abandonment of the Indian bride mostly after the NRI husband has returned abroad. Promises of calling the bride abroad turn out be false.The bride and her parents are unable to take any meaningful action because of a lack of a proper legal forum.

Now, Government of India ( Ministry of Overseas Affairs ) has redressed this lacuna by appointing a nodal Governmental agency , National Commission For Women ( NCM )which has established a special NRI cell for helping NRI wives. This cell was inaugurated by NCW Chairperson Girija Vyas.

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Anonymous said...

this is outrageous. My little sister is been greatly affrected by this type of marraige. This leaves a very bitter taste and a streak of hatered for those who does this.