September 16, 2009

Multifold Increase in New Tubewell Connections For Free Electricity to Farmers in Punjab

This summer an extreme contradiction was seen in Punjab regarding Paid Urban Consumers of electricity and Free Agriculturist consumers . Whereas paid consumers were subjected to massive power cuts, electricity was diverted to free agriculturists. Urban consumers were paying massive Bills and receiving no electricity . Now, in a move that adds insult to injury on paid consumers ,in order to pay for the electricity consumed by free consumers Punjab Government has effected a massive hike ,WITH RETROSPECTIVE EFFECT on paid urban consumers.

According to a report in the " The Tribune " one of Punjab 's most respected newspapers, a leading political party has carried out a survey and has found the following ;

No. of New Agricultural Tube wells sanctioned

Year 2007-08--11058 New Tube well connections
Year 2008-09- 50,803 New Tube well Connections
Current Year -Over 60,000 New Tube well Connections

As a result additional power consumption by the agricultural sector was :-

52 million units 2007-08
283 million units 2008-09
333 million units current year.

The reason for effecting massive power rates on paid consumers is , now , clear.

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