September 13, 2009

Paid Punjab Consumers of Electricity- Disappointed by Shimla Meet of Akali Dal

Paid consumers of electricity in Punjab were keenly looking forward to the outcome of " Introspection Meeting " of Akali Dal held at Shimla. Paid consumers were , not only expecting the ruling party in Punjab ,to roll back recent hikes of electricity but , also , substantial relief to urban non agriculturist consumers . Urban consumers had under gone horrendous power cuts in the sweltering months of hot summer while electricity was diverted to free rural consumers. Paid urban consumers were hoping that the ruling party would follow the criteria of equality.

But paid urban consumers have got no relief at all. Paid consumers are, now , asking why is that in free India landlords holding land worth hundreds of crores are being provided with free electricity whereas poor urban small shopkeepers and other businessmen charged at penal rates ( what electricity department categorises as COMMERCIAL rate. )Is it a crime to run a small time enterprise in Punjab cities ? Is it a crime to earn livelihood in cities ? Why then is there a difference , perceived in Governmental eyes , between the commercial nature of growing paddy and running urban businesses .

Paid consumers of electricity are demanding full disclosures from Punjab State Electricity Board regarding the quantum of free electricity being supplied to super rich big landlords. After all free power to big landlords is directly subsidised by urban non agriculturists.

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