December 23, 2009

Company Bagh Jalandhar Beautification -Mayor Directs Contractors to Expedite

Company Bagh Jalandhar ( a legacy of East India Company ) is Jullundur's prominent landmarks.

Like the shrinking glaciers   of Himalayas ,  over the period of time the area covered by the Bagh and the shady trees have shrunk drastically.

An ambitious project has been undertaken , in th recent times  by the Municipal Corporation to preserve and beautifiy  the Bagh.

Mayor Jalandhar Rakesh Rathore held a meeting with the coimpany contractors entrusted with this task ,to speed up the work on Company Bagh project.

( Company Bagh was renamed Queen's Garden aftr East India Company became history in  1858 .After the end of British rule it was renamed Nehru Garden. But it is still poulerly known as " COMPANY BAGH'.

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