December 15, 2009

Good Books

Dear APNA Members and Friends:
I hope you are doing fine. Following, please find a list of complete on-line books that we have recently added to APNA web since our last update: 
All the English and Gurmukhi books in the following list are also available for downloading as PDF files.
Do send us your comments and suggestions. If you would like to upload your Punjabi and Punjab/Punjabi related books on APNA web, please send us the soft copies (Word, PDF, InPage, scanned images) of your books via e-mail.

Safir Rammah
Coordinator: Academy of the Punjab in North America (APNA)


 Heer Sayal (Poetry) - Swarn Bains 

 Sadhran, Sochan Te Peeran - Ishar Singh Mauhji

 Wagda Paani (Short Stories) - Mansha Yaad

 Mach Faqeeran (Poetry) - Safdar Dogar

 Legends of Punjab (Volume 1)- R. C. Temple

 Legends of Punjab (Volume 2)- R. C. Temple  

The Travels of Dean Mahomet (Travelogue) - Edited by Michael H.  Fisher

 The Muslim Saints of South Asia (The Eleventh to Fifteenth Century) - Anna Suvorovah

 Sufi Orders in Islam (Sufis and Sufism) - J Spencer Trimingham

The Rose Garden of Sa'di - Gulistan (Sufis and Sufism) - Translated by James Rose

The Orchard  of Sa'di - Bostan (Sufis and Sufism) - Translated by James Rose

 Shadows of the Past (Poetry) _ Gurumel Sidhu

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