December 14, 2009

Jalandhar Urban Electricity Consumers Take to Streets

Recently,electricity consumers of Kishanpura and Charanjit Pura localities of Jalandhar City came out in streets to protest against the deficient service including frequent power cuts.

Paid urban consumers of electricity  in Jalandhar and rest of Punjab are a highly discontented segment. They are shocked by the non implementation of Punjab Government 's solemn assurance that the recent hike in electricity rates would be rolled back.. Government's policy of dividing people on various  grounds is very dangerous.

Urban ( paid ) consumers fail to understand the Government logic in charging urban shopkeepers at  penal " COMMERCIAL " rates ( which can go up to to Rs. 6 per unit ) where as wealthy rural landowners are being give free electricity.

While octroi has been abolished in Punjab , paid urban consumers of electricity n Punjab are still being chared octroi.

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