December 17, 2009

Paid Consumer of Electricity in Punjab Bear Burden of Power Theft & Subsidy in Thousands of Crores

The plight of paid consumers of electricity in Punjab ( especially of urban paid consumers ) is worse than that of slaves.

According to the estimates released in Jalandhar by an Association of Punjab State Electricity Board , every year Rs.1000 crore is lost because of power theft and there  aresubsidies of Rs 3200 crore.

It appears these figures are on a conservative side.

All these hidden costs are , it seems , ultimately, passed on to paid  consumers who are treated as second class citizens.

Octroi contiues to be leved on Paid Urban Consumers.

There is a penalty of around 10%  for even a single day's delay on payment of Bills on paid urban consumers.

Great difficulty in getting new connections

Free Electricity ( including to Wealthy Rural Landlords ) Vs Paid Electricity is violative of Indians ' Fundamental RIGHT TO EQUALITY.

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