December 20, 2009

Pre 1947 Mosque at Village Pholriwal ( Jalandhar )


sock specialists said...

Hello Ashwani g,
How r u ? This is Mudassar from Lahore Pakistan. We are basically from Jalandhar before partition. My grand father migrated from Jalandhar to Bahawal Pur Pakistan.
Every now and then i keep thinking about my forefather's place the Village Mudhan which was near Jalandhar city on 1947. I really miss extremely very much the place, i belong to actually.
I was searching for Mudhan village of Jalandhar but i could not find it since its long time story.
Can you pls tell me something about the Village Mudhan, Jalandhar....what is on that village these days....i mean everything you could tell me.....i shall be very very thankful to you. Yeh app ka bohot bara ehsaan ho ga mujh per.
May be sooner or later i could personally come to see our real mother land.
By the way my Grand Father Mr. Allah Buksh was Nambardaar of Mudhaan village.

Thank you very much.

Mudassar Salman
Lahore, Pakistan.
Skype: ms03334428528
Cell: +92 333 4428528

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Anonymous said...

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