January 09, 2010

Congress Leader Jassi Khangura's Newletter

Message from Jassi...

First, a Happy New Year to everyone with very best wishes for 2010. I hope you enjoyed the festive season, despite the heavy snows in many areas of the USA, Canada and UK and the sharp cold in Northern India. December was a busy month for us. Ludhiana was shut down for several days at the start due to unrest and violence, the Vidhan Sabha, too, suffered from disruption, which meant the Session was, unfortunately, not very fruitful.

I spent much of the month on an enquiry panel into the Ludhiana riots, visiting those affected and authoring a report of that inquiry. The report is released and can be accessed at www.qilaraipur.org so you can see our conclusions and recommendations.

As you can imagine the number of visiting NRIs increase exponentially in December. This year was no exception. It was my pleasure to meet so many NRIs. Many of whom made it to our annual New Year Eve NRI Party.

I think that 2010 will be another year of visits to and from NRIs. I will be seeking to make the most of the year as, when we have a new Congress government in Punjab, such opportunities to travel will be reduced. Therefore, I hope to see many of you during 2010!

I was lucky enough to end the year celebrating Christmas and New Year with my whole family here in India, which made the occasion particularly special.

Ludhiana Unrest and Riots

It is now almost a month since Ludhiana was brought to a standstill for several days by violence and protest. Such things are always particularly deeply disturbing for their disruption to children’s education, healthcare for the sick, on top of those more directly affected by looting and violence to their person. In this case two unrelated sets of incidents led to days of problems in the city, including lootings, rioting, police brutality and a bandh. Sadly there was also loss of life.

I was Secretary of the Congress investigatory committee formed to look into the unrest. That investigation has turned up a damning indictment of the current government, including it’s stranglehold on the Punjab Police. Eyewitness stories were also shocking.

The report has been presented to the Governor Punjab. We have published that report for you to be able to read it at http://www.qilaraipur.com/fact_finding_committee.html

Vidhan Sabha Disorder

The Winter Session of the Vidhan Sabha was unfortunately disrupted due to the Akali failure to address head-on the issue of the Ludhiana riots at the beginning of the month. These disruptions obviously impact on proceedings. This time, for example, none of Jassi’s 8 questions were asked due to lack of time. Some of our overseas supporters wrote to query the actions of Members including the choice of some Congress Members to object. Jassi replied to them as follows:

“Let me clarify that with the Vidhan Sabha only meeting for about 17 days in the year, opposition in the House will always be nominal compared with opposition outside.

In the just concluded assembly session we really did not have an option. During zero hour on 8 December (just after questions) Bibi Rajinder Kaur Bhattal wanted to raise the Ludhiana law and order situation. The Speaker had agreed in advance but reneged because he wanted Sukhbir to issue his statement NOT as part of Zero Hour but as an additional agenda item, thus rendering zero hour redundant. Zero hour is a fundamental right of the Westminster model of democracy. We were not prepared to take this lying down.

Then we had the CBI issue. The Speaker should have resigned as per 3 precedents in Punjab. He did not. We could not accept his stewardship of the house.

The Punjab Congress is more than happy to oppose in the house but not when the Speaker continuously reverts all convention.

We do have internal debate in our party. I am no one’s poodle, but I have to be conscious that I have been here only 3 years, others far longer.”

Congress Membership Drive

Congress leaders say they have already added several thousand new members to the Party under the current membership drive. Jassi said this massively positive response was indicative of the overall mood in the State and said new members were always welcome to visit him, as many have already done.

It is heartening to note that the Congress party is committed to restoring internal democracy .In election of Indian Youth Congress will now be followed by the main body.

Jassi said "I am certain that internal democracy will deliver the true future leaders of the party".

Baba Manjit Singh of Jassowal Kular hands over his Congress Membership Form to Jassi Khangura, MLA. He was joined by Bakhtaur Singh Ex Sarpanch, Balwinder Singh Sarpanch, Ranjit Singh Mangat and Vipin Saggar

Woolens Distributed

Major Singh Deol, an NRI from Fresno, USA, distributed large quantities of blankets and other woollens, including shawls, loi and sweaters were distributed among people from Boparai and Raqba villages, near here. A grant of Rs 11,000 was also announced by him as shagun for marriage of each girl from the village.

Deol said he had been influenced by Jassi Khangura’s selfless work for rural Punjab. Along with the families of Harjeet Singh Khalsa and Deol, around 10 other families of the village joined the Congress in the presence of S. Jagpal Singh Khangura, in charge of the Kila Raipur constituency, and other local leaders, as shown in the photograph.

Christmas Roadshow, visit to Mother Theresa Orphanage and Park Plaza 10th Anniversary

S. Jagpal Singh Khangura and the team from Majestic Park Plaza visited Mother Theresa Orphanage at the Red Cross Society in Sarabha Nagar, Ludhiana to distribute gifts of clothes, cycles, stationery, tiffins and food to the orphans for Christmas, and to bring some festive cheer.

The annual Majestic Park Plaza Roadshow also took place on 23 December to distribute gifts and sweets. Donations were made to some 250 people and food for 300 people was distributed. The Park Plaza team sung Christmas carols at Sarabha Nagar and distributed sweets on route.

The 27 December 2009 saw the tenth anniversary celebration of Majestic Park Plaza. S. Jagpal Singh Khangura, Jassi Khangura and other family members celebrated with colleagues and supporters over the Christmas season. Special tenting was put up on the terrace transforming it into a welcoming and festive haven for everyone to celebrate, whatever their occasion. The picture shows celebrations in full swing on the terrace.

S. Jagpal Singh Khangura and Majestic Park Plaza team are seen here with orphans from

St Mary’sSanta and others take a tour around

Ludhiana to mark the festive season as part of the Majestic Park Plaza Roadshow10th Anniversary Celebration of

Majestic Park Plaza

NRI Legislators visit Punjab

Jassi organised dinners to welcome visiting NRI MLAs Jagrup Singh from Surrey Canada on 25 December and Darshan Singh Kang on 26 December. The dinners were held at Majestic Park Plaza and many attended to meet the visitors and learn about their activities. Jassi said that their success goes to show what can be achieved with hard work and open minds.

The visiting legislators interacted with other visiting NRIs and locals on various issues not least the urgent need for better governance in Punjab.

S. Jagpal Singh Khangura is seated with Jagroop Singh Brar MLA, Baldev Singh Brar and Vishal TewariJassi Khangura is seen with Darshan Singh Kang MLA, ex-Minister Surinder Singla at a dinner on 25 December 2009 at Majestic Park Plaza


This month has seen yet more milestones crossed for the Dairy project. The Central Unit now has approximately 1200 cows, with the Phallewal Satellite Unit now having 217 animals owned by Women Entrepreneurs. Additionally the Embryo Transfer laboratory has come into work and marketing strategies for the Dairy’s own brand of milk are being put in place. We are pleased to see development coming on apace and hope for continued success into 2010 and beyond.

The community dairy programme is now being executed in several villages. MDVL hopes to start retailing products this April.

New milking parlour inaugurated at

MDVL December 2009

Sports Tournaments

The annual Gawaddi sports tournament was held on Sunday, 6 December. Jassi attended the tournament which was held with the assistance of the Panchayati Raj Sports Club. He was accompanied by his son, Jaibir Khangura, Gurpreet Singh Khangura, Balwinder Singh Cheema, Pammi Gawaddi, Inderjeet Singh Nikku and Ranjit Singh Mangat.

Jassi Khangura also inaugurated the 8th International Canada – America Kabaddi Cup, on 20 December in Ludhiana. 10 teams from the North India Kabaddi Federation participated, and the cup was finally won by Norway.

Jassi's View Point:

Jassi welcomes the support of NRIs for sports events in Punjab but feels that very often it is disproportionate to the developmental needs of our villages. Jassi requests NRIs to strike the right balance between sports tournament funding and village development funding.

Jassi Khangura, Jaibir Khangura, Gurpreet Singh Khangura, Balwinder Singh Cheema, Pammi Gawaddi, Inderjeet Singh Nikku and

Ranjit Singh Mangat8th International Kabbadi Cup

Mass Marriage at Dehlon

S. Jagpal Singh Khangura blessed eleven couples during a mass marriage at Dehlon. The couples were from the poorest sections of society and assisted in this important step in their lives. We thank all those involved in helping assisting such marriages.

Jassi applauds all such initiatives which remove the stigma of an impoverished wedding from families that cannot afford a basic wedding.

Jassi states "We need to be more conscious that conspicuous consumption in Punjab does not offend the poorest sections of the society. All parents investing lakhs and crores on their daughter’s wedding should simultaneously allocate a small contribution to charity over and above the standard contribution to the religious establishment".

Mass Marriage at Dehlon

Press Releases in December

December saw Jassi’s office issue 3 key press releases, two of which related to the violence in Ludhiana at the beginning of the month. The other referred to how the Punjab Government has been “Badalised” with appointments based on blood-line not merit, and how this affects the efficient running of the State. To read these press releases, select the relevant link below:

1. Punjab Congress to raise law and order issue with union HM -


2. “House of Badals” destined to fail -


3. Khangura attributes Ludhiana violence to criminalisation of politics -


And Finally, My New Year's Resolutions !!

It is always risky for anyone in politics to spell out their intentions but, never being averse to taking risk, here’s what I intend to do:

1. Prepare for Governance

Although I have been in Punjab for 3 years there is still much that I need to learn on agriculture, industry, education, healthcare, social welfare etc… I do not know what responsibility, if any, I will have in the next government but I will ensure that I have reasonable working knowledge of the key government departments.

2. NRI Private Members Bill

With the incumbent government showing no interest in resolving NRI issues. I will this year promote a bill in the Vidhan Sabha that seeks to address those NRIs issues where the remedy is vested in the Punjab government.

3. Reduce My Carbon Foot Prints

I will use the treadmill less, the rowing machine more. I will garage the Mercedes car which actually only seats 4 people and use the Innova which is more efficient and takes 6 people. I will personally plant 10 acres of poplar trees. I will travel more often by train in Punjab. I will fly less. I will insure 100% CFL lighting in my home and business.

4. Lose weight

My target is to lose 15 kg and this year I will most certainly deliver. I might even have a weekly website homepage update of where I am on weight loss to motivate me ever more with an actual weight loss reading !!

5. Write more Articles

I will endeavour to find the time to write more on the critical issues of the day. I will post all published articles on my website. My target is 12 this year.

6. More Family Time

Last but not least I will spend more time with my family. With my daughter now settled at university in London, My wife and son are settling down in Chandigarh. I will endeavour to spend 3 or 4 nights each week at Chandigarh, the rest mainly at Ludhiana and Delhi, except when I am out of the country.

Best regards,

Jassi Khangura MLA

Punjab's Most Responsive MLA

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Office: +91 161 4378030

Mobile: +91 98761 97761

Fax: +91 161 277 1888



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