January 06, 2010

Sant Seechewal Takes up Kala Singhian Drain PolIution ssue With Pollution Control Officials

God bless great people like Sant Seechewal. Only people like him can offer relief to peopl from the poisoning of Punjab's rivers. Otherwise , Punjab ( meaning the land of five rivers ) is going to become Be- Aab ( Without Water ). Sant Seechewal is doing what our politicians and bureaucracy has failed to do.

Sant Seechewal met top officials of Punjab Pollution Control Board and discussed with them the time frame in which to eliminate pollution from the Kala Singhian Drain.

When there exists a Pollution Control Board then how come factories continue to pioson rivulets like Chitti Bein . One has only to look at the water flowing in the Chhehru rivulet ( between Jalandhar and Phagwara GT Road ) to  realise how efficiently these departments work

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