February 12, 2010

Basti Danishmandan - in Pakistan Also ( at Faislabad ) - Twin Brothers

Basti Danishmandan is a very important and historical locality of Jalandhar ( Jullundur Punjab India ).Pre1947 , Basti Danishmandan was inhabited mainly by Indians of Muslim faith.When they left for newly created Pakistan ,  in 1947, many settled in Lyallpur ( now Faislabad ). Such was their attachment to their original birth place that they created a new locality Basti Danishmandan in Faislabad ( Pakistan ).

In turn Jalandhar has :  -

Lyallpur Khalsa College,
Multan Soap Factory
Gujaranwala Jewellers ;
Peshawari Jewellers
Peshawari Ice Cream
Pindi Paint Store

And  entire India enjoys Karachi Halwa and uses "Pakistani Noon" -Rock Salt


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