February 15, 2010

Convert Old Upper Ganges Canal ( Haridwar to Roorkee ) in to a National Heritage ( Museum )

Convert the abandoned old section of the Upper Ganga  ( Ganges )Canal ( from Har-Ki - Pauri, Haridwar to Roorkee ) in to a sort of national heritage museum- thinkers of Jalandhar discussed animatedly.

This section ,originally constructed around 1850  by the East India Company , was at that time the biggest canal system ever undertaken. It was and still is an engineering marvel It has aqueducts , super passages , massive sluice gates  , spillways etc. There are  massive "lion statues " guarding the canal , near Roorkee.

The Solanii aqueduct near Roorkee, apart from being an engineering marvel has the distinction of having first ever Steam Engine ( before the Bombay line ) actively operating in India to ferry massive amounts of earth required for raising the level of the canal 's course.

But. presently , this old section of the beautiful canal is in dis use and a new canal course has been constructed parallel to the old canal. The old canal is  in a very pitiable condition. It is neglected and open to vandalism.

It should , immediately , be declared a  'National Heritage  "  and suitably preserved. It can , also , be developed in to an attractive tourist designation.

Further , aqua  riverine life like the great Indian Gharial , which once was abundant in the Ganga  and which is now threatened can be introduced in some sections of this great canal.




( " GANGES " is the English adaption of the word GANGA JI " )

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