February 19, 2010

Give Relief on Back Breaking Road Toll Taxes

A single trip in car from Jalandhar to Ludhiana costs around Rs. 85 at the Phillaur ( Sutlej Bridge ) Toll Tax Plaza. The biggest irony is that this exorbitant sum is the same for a small Maruti 800 / Nano car and a Rs. 15 Lakh+ SUV !. Besides, any one who shows an aggressive posture , like blowing a hooter or  beaming a beacon , not only gets through free BUT IS  GIVEN PRIORITY THROUGH A VIP PASSAGE .

Middle class urban Punjabi is already reeling under heavy price rises . He should , immediately , be given relief in Government taxes. Let the Govt. begin by rationalising and decreasing the Back breaking Road Toll Taxes

Maruti 800 cars should be treated at par with motor cycles / scooters. VIP passage should be closed.


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