March 24, 2010

Congress Leader Jassi Khangura Helps NRIs Whose Entry is Blocked

Sign Jassi Khangura's Entry Black List petition


Dear Sir/Madam,

The Union Entry Blacklist is a key issue right now.

I have created an online petition which I hope
many of you will support by signing. So many NRIs are affected by the
blacklist but have no constructive or cohesive solution.   

I have written to both the Honorable Prime Minister and the Home
Minister regarding the list, including my own suggestions for resolution
bearing in mind the needs of the NRI Diaspora.

I have also created a separate web page dedicated to this, where you
can write your comments, send emails or letters to the Prime Minister and/or
Home Minister and send the link to others you think may find it relevant.

Please do share this campaign with your family, friends and associates. The
more people who join together to ask for change, the louder the voice will

I also suggest that you petition your local legislators in this regard as they too need to know about this continuing injustice against some NRIs.

Best regards,

Jassi Khangura, MLA

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