April 03, 2010

Congress Leader Jassi Khangura's Message

Monthly E-newsletter April 2010

Message from Jassi Khangura
March has been a very busy month for me. I have been in my constituency, the Vidhan Sabha, Chandigarh and Delhi. But I feel it has been an extremely productive and interesting month. You will be able to read, among other things, my reply to Manpreet Badal’s budget, an article I wrote in the Indian Express on the Women’s Reservation Bill, how we marked International Women’s Day and about my rapidly growing campaign for review of the Union Entry Blacklist.

In fact, as I write this the headline in today’s Tribune states that a “senior source in the Home Ministry” has said that within weeks the “NRI Blacklist” should be cut down to only approximately 50 NRIs who, as per international intelligence, should remain on it. My request therefore still applies: that anyone on the list should be able to ascertain why, and appeal their being on it through an independent and transparent Appellate Authority, and that new additions to the list be added only after the fullest due diligence. Please join me and raise your voice: I strongly believe that without the precautions I have set out, we simply do not know who will face travel issues next. A token “de-listing” of some individuals will not fix the underlying problem.

NRI Blacklist – Campaign Launched to Gather Support for Review and Reform
Jassi decided this month to take decisive action regarding the Union Entry Blacklist. On 2nd March he wrote to the Prime Minister setting out in detail how the list causes problems for NRIs with knock-on effects on India’s relationship with the Diaspora and our national security. Jassi then decided to seek to garner support for this position via a new page on our website http://qilaraipur.org/nri_entry_blacklist.aspx. On this page one can send letters to the Prime Minister and Home Minister, link to our online petition, and post your comments.

You can also visit the petition directly by clicking this link

This campaign is in fulfillment of Jassi's promise at numerous venues across North America and Europe to look into this issue on behalf of NRIs. It is a matter that crops up repeatedly and is of enormous concern to many people. Jassi said "having listened to many supporters overseas and in India on this matter, I have taken action with this campaign. The response so far has told me that I have succeeded in expressing the concerns of those supporters. I will be keeping everyone updated as the matter progresses."

Jassi hosts Press Conference and Lunch for Capt. Amarinder Singh at Majestic
Park Plaza, Ludhiana
Former Punjab Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh held a press conference at Majestic Park Plaza, Ludhiana on 27 March where he spoke strongly about political vendetta in the State. He also thanked Jassi for writing to the Honourable Speaker in connection with seeking his reinstatement in the House.

He went on to say that the Akalis have as good as admitted that the cases are vendetta driven, but stressed that he didn't need any favours from them and would prove his innocence before the Courts as he had full faith in the judicial system - unlike the Akalis who are all extremely keen to have the cases withdrawn.

Captain Amarinder Singh said it was totally disingenious of Sukhbir Badal to deny all knowledge of the proposals to drop the cases. He said that the opacity of the ploy to ensure a "get out of jail free" card for the Badal family was a "drama" and a "stunt".

Former Chief Minister Capt. Amarinder Singh, Jassi Khangura MLA, S. Jagpal Singh Khangura, Bhupinder Sidhu,
S. Harbaksh Khangura and supporters at press conference.

Macro Dairy Opens Another Community Dairy Unit at Mukandpur
The Mukandpur Community Dairy Unit was inaugurated on 5th March by Bibi Pritam Kaur Grewal elder sister of S. Jagpal Singh Khangura. This Community Dairy Unit will provide employment to up to 200 women, and has a capacity of up to 1000 animals. Additionally, 50 contract farmers will be supplying fodder to the Unit, which also employs 60 local individuals.

Bibi Pritam Kaur Grewal, Bibi Gurdial Kaur Khangura, Jagpal Singh Khangura and others declare the Mukandpur Community Dairy Unit of MDVL officially open.

New Women Entrepreneurs at Mukandpur after receiving the details of their cows are pictured with Bibi Pritam Kaur Grewal and Bibi Gurdial Singh Khangura and MDVL staff including Dr Renu Suri (Director, CSR).

Dakha Area Supporters Attend Huge Rally at Salempur
Congress supporters in the Dakha constituency honored S. Jagmeet Brar, Manish Tewari MP, Darshan Brar MLA, Ishar Singh MLA and Jassi Khangura at a program organized at village Salempura on 6 March 2010. The program turned into a rally, with thousands of supporters attending from all over the area. Jassi said he was humbled by the turnout and the words of the supporters and said he hoped that he will live up to their expectations in the coming years and help Punjab become a stronger State in which to live.

Jassi said "The strength of the rally is indicative that ordinary people want change in Punjab. Resentment against the policies of the current government is high. The sooner that we get a new Congress government in place, the better it will be for all Punjabis."

Supporters in large numbers from across the Dakha area came to show their support at a rally.

S. Jagmeet Brar, Manish Tewari MP and Jassi Khangura with key supporters at Dakha.

Women’s Reservation Bill
We have had a very interesting month politically and socially. The Women’s Reservation Bill tabled and passed in the Rajya Sabha caused many pages of newsprint to be devoted to the subject. Jassi wrote a very personal and lively article on the subject titled “When Grown Men Cry”, which was printed in the Indian Express. To read that article, click here

Narangwal College Annual Day
Narangwal College celebrated their Annual Day with some style on 27 March.  Manish Tewari, MP was the chief guest at the convocation ceremony which saw 194 students awarded Degrees.  He gave a highly motivating speech saying "this century is supposed to be the "Asian Century" and youth have to play a very important role in this.  Therefore institutions such as Narangwal College put the power of knowledge into the hands of our youth.  This will enable the Century of Knowledge to, indeed, belong to Asia and in that India has a very big role to play."

Manish Tewari MP and Congress Spokesman went on to say that out of his MP led fund he has donated Rs 5 lakhs to the College. This sum will be allocated after consultation between Jassi Khangura and the College Management Committee for whatever purposes will best assist the college to better deliver their services to the youth of the area.

Jassi Khangura, Brigadier (Retd.) G S Grewal (Punjab Public Service Commission Member Committee Member hailing from Narangwal) and Dr Deepak Manmohan Singh were also present.

Principal Gossal congratulated all the students on their successes and hard work, and wished them all the best in their future endeavours. He thanked Manish Tewari MP for his support, and motivating speech. He also thanked the Khangura family for their ongoing financial support and for sending volunteer English teachers from the UK.
Degrees Distributed on Convocation
B.A.:- 58 (Session 2008 & 2009) 49
B.Sc.:- 12 (Session 2008 & 2009) 10
B.P.Ed:-103 (Session 2007, 2008 & 2009) 68
PGDCA :- 15 (Session 2008 & 2009) 15
M.A. (Pbi.):- 18 (Session 2008 & 2009) 13
M.Sc. (Math) :- 22 (Session 2008 & 2009) 19
M.P.Ed. :-30 (Session 2009) 20

NRI Says Education is Key: Grants Awards to Students
Mrs Gurminder Randhawa (pictured) is originally from Gujjarwal village but is now settled in the UK. She has introduced three awards of Rs 5000/- each for the Govind National College, Narangwal college students in her Grandfather and his brother's names, and a scholarship of Rs. 5000 in her father's name (Late. S. Harnek Singh Grewal) to contribute to fees for students who otherwise would be denied education due to poverty.

Jassi said “I am always heartened to see gestures like this. Such awards are much-needed encouragement to our youth to pursue their studies. I hope that more NRIs follow Mrs Randhawa’s lead in this manner. Mrs Randhawa did not wish her assistance to be publicised, but I asked her to allow me to feature it so that others may be inspired. The sums do not have to be enormous – even a little can make a lot of difference. We have also been delighted to be able to help Mrs Randhawa get the grants to the students through LifeBuilder.”

Mrs Gurminder Randhawa with
Rajpal Randhawa
Jassi encourages other NRIs to support education in schools in their native villages to encourage achievement. He also said that supporting education for those from disadvantaged families was a key area in which NRIs could help.
The Awards are:
Humanity Award Innovation Award
Late S. Sarwan Singh Grewal ex-sarpanch Gujjarwal - INR 5000 Late S.Arjan Singh Grewal ex-sarpanch Gujjarwal - INR 5000
Management Award Assistance to Poor Student Award
Late S.Surjan Singh Grewal Gujjarwal
- INR 5000
Late. S. Harnek Singh Grewal - INR 5000

International Women’s Day Celebrated
100 years of International Women’s Day was marked here with two events. The first event was held at women-run Community Dairy Units at Phallewal, Khandoor and Mukandpur. Bibi Gurdial Kaur Khangura visited the units with Dr Usha Dingra Bali and Mrs Meena Sanghera, CEO of Metal Nomics (California).

The visitors shared their life experiences with the Women Entrepreneurs, whilst Dr Usha explained importance of heath care with special focus on the issue of anemia, which is prevalent in Punjab’s rural areas due to a poor diet. Bibi Gurdial Kaur Khangura donated a month’s supply of essential vitamins and minerals to more than 160 Women Entrepreneurs.

Bibi Gurdial Kaur Khangura, Dr Usha Dingra Bali and Mrs Meena Sanghera and Women Entrepreneurs meet on the 100th International Women’s Day on 8th March 2010.
Many WEs came forward to share their experiences, and expressed how their lives have changed after starting their dairy entrepreneur projects. Ranjit Kaur said, with great emotion, “hun sadi we izzat hundi hai, kiyon ki assi we kamonde ha” (Now we also get respect, as we earn now). Many other WEs echoed that sentiment. Jassi said such comments are precisely the reason he started this project in the first place and hopes that many more WEs will join the program and receive the benefits in the coming months and years.
Bibi Gurdial Kaur Khangura, Dr Usha Dingra Bali and Mrs Meena Sanghera distributed supplements to Women Entrepreneurs at Phallewal.

The second event was a blood donation camp at Majestic Park Plaza. It was inaugurated by S. Jagpal Singh Khangura and run by a seven member team from DMC Ludhiana under Dr. Amarjeet Kaur. A total of 54 units of blood were donated.
S. Jagpal Singh Khangura, Arun Jaie (GM, Majestic Park Plaza), Kushaal Sharma (Head, HR, Majestic Park Plaza) other key staff and Doctors from DMC Ludhiana support the 54 people who gave blood on Women’s Day.

Qila Raipur Games Given New Lease of Life
After this year's disappointment and subsequent collapse of the famous Qila Raipur Games, The Grewal Sports Association (GSA), Qila Raipur has been reconstituted.

The annual general meeting of the GSA was held at Majestic Park Plaza on 27 March, during which Jassi Khangura was elected its Chairman. Jassi has long been a great fan and supporter of the Games and said "the Games mean a lot to me, and to so many others. I sincerely hope we can bring them to an even greater level than in the past."
The meeting was attended by GSA members. It also resolved to hold the next of the famous annual sports festivals at Qila Raipur from 4 to 7 February 2011. Jassi said "only by announcing dates well in advance can all the Games supporters from far and wide join the fun."

"For many years I have repeatedly said that the Qila Raipur Rural Olympics need professional promotion and exposure and I am pleased that time has come." Jassi also confirmed that steps will be introduced to ensure greater financial accountability and transparency so that the Games can reach their potential over the coming years.

Other elected office bearer include Khushwant Singh Jassi as senior Vice President, Hardam Singh, Gobind Singh from Canada, Jagjeet Singh Jaggi, also from Canada and Avtar Singh Taar all as vice presidents.

Shaheed Bhagat Singh Martyrdom Day Marked
The legacy of Shaheed Bhagat Singh lives on today.  His hanging for the killing of a police officer after the death of Lala Lajpat Rai turned the man who was already a revolutionary hero into a martyr for the cause of Indian Independence.

His determination to pursue his cause, rising through the ranks to become a leader, still inspires people today, especially youngsters who have strong beliefs in causes, however different from those of Shaheed Bhagat Singh.  The photograph of him sporting a hat and moustache has become an almost iconic image symbolising the struggle for independence across India, but especially in Punjab.  Jassi feels it is important that we remember those who struggled and paid the ultimate price for the country.

S. Jagpal Singh Khangura paid tribute to Shaheed Bhagat Singh at village Rattan, he was accompanied by Ranjit Singh Mangat, Deepak Khandoor,Dhanjeet Singh, Bhupinder Singh Garewal. The day was marked across Punjab.

Vidhan Sabha
Jassi was unsure whether to expect this Budget Session of the Vidhan Sabha to dissolve into chaos as the last two sessions have. He was pleased they did not, but was disappointed with the Budget and the lack of decisiveness in the House. He made a reply to Manpreet Badal’s uninspiring budget which you can read here.

Political Vendetta
In this Budget Session of the Vidhan Sabha the Deputy Speaker presented a letter to the Honorable Speaker, which was read out in the House. This letter requested that cases brought by members of one party against members of another be dropped forthwith, as mostly such cases were political vendetta. Some Members of the House agreed, others were less sure.

Jassi takes the position that no cases against him or his mother are to be withdrawn under such a scenario.  He said "we will fight our cases in the courts and respect the judgements handed down."  He also reminded the Honourable Speaker "that the House cannot anyway interfere with legal processes but can only reverse its own decisions."

In that respect Jassi had written to the Honourable Speaker regarding the expulsion of Captain Amarinder Singh from the House, asking him to rescind that expulsion, as it is indeed within his powers to do so. To read that letter to the Honourable Speaker click here.

A stern looking Honourable Speaker,
Nirmal Singh Kahlon

Deputy Speaker of Punjab Vidhan Sabha
Satpal Gosain who may not be smiling
so widely any more

Jassi’s New Year’s Resolutions
Jassi said he is pleased with his weight loss this month. He said that although other people do not notice the difference as much as in the past when he has crash dieted, the slow reduction approach is proving effective. Jassi said "I'm working towards a sustainable, long-term lifestyle change with no more crash diets - and things are going well so far to reach my target 98.5kg by the end of the year!"
Best regards,
Jassi Khangura MLA
Punjab's Most Responsive MLA

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