April 25, 2010

Reduction in Free Electricity- Dalit Bodies of Jalandhar Seething With Anger

The reduction of free electricity being supplied to Dalit families , from 200 units to 100 units is being deeply resented by Dalit leaders of Jalandhar . Ch. Jagjit Singh has demanded that the number of free units to Dalits be increased to 500

Considering that the Government is supplying free electricity to even super rich farmers ( many of whom own land worth hundreds of crores ), Government should free electricity to all consumers. After all every Punjabi is equal.

The politics of vote banks and making one class of consumers of electricity pay for the electricity consumed by  others ( cross subsidy ) is highly pernicious and  has absolutely  no  place in Independent India. Such blatant " Divide And Rule " policies have surpassed the policies of even British colonial masters prior to 1947.

It appears that Urban Punjabi has been ditched by all politicians. Paid  urban consumer of electricity is the " milch cow ". Apart from steep and highly discriminatory rates urban paid consumers is slapped with Electricity duty. Even Octroi  which is supposed to have been abolished is imposed on urban PAID CONSUMERS.

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