May 13, 2010

Do Not Not Hang Kasab Till Real Handlers Are Convicted

 Jalandhar's intellectuals are of the veiw there should be no undue haste  in executing Ajmal Kasab.

Kasab is the lone surviving terrorist. He is a key accomplice who can testify against the real masterminds in Pakistan .

BJP Chief's call for swift execution of Kasab is based more on political compulsions than on realpolitik. Kasab's handlers in Pakistan would be the happiest lot if Kasab is palmed off. Vital evidence would be irreversibly destroyed .

Kasab is in the words of Mario Puzo's " Godfather " a mere " button man ". It is very important for India to nail the real " Dons ". All means  should be used to nail them .

No enemy of India should feel safe any where in the world.

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