May 15, 2010

Gold - Silver Prices Very Firm in Jalandhar And Elsewhere

In the last month share markets have been performing uncertainly because of the Greece and Euro currency crisis. But precious metals have done very well.

In Jalandhar many investors are speculating on the commodity exchanges. Here, for silver the minimum lot is 5 Kg. For taking a call one has to put in around 7 % margin.

Another noticeable feature is that British Indian silver coins ( " Sikka  Cheherey Shahi meaning " Coins Bearing Faces of Royal British Rulers ) have become very scarce in Jalandhar and around.

Old timers remediable these coins as

" Mallika Gut Wali "  meaning Queen With a Plait ( Queen Victoria - East India Company Issue -1840 )
" Roda " ( Bald ) meaning coins of King Edward  whose coins did not have a crown on his head..

These coins have , now antiques and are traded actively on internet auction sites like Ebay

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