May 26, 2010

Jalandhar Citizens Welcome Jail Enhancement Verdict Against Erring IPS Officer SPS Rathore

Jalandhar citizens have expressed satisfation that justice has been done in the Ruchika Molestation and Abetment to Suicide case. This case is more than an ordinary case . The culprit involved was at the time of crime a very senior Indian Police Service ( IPS ) officer.

In India the wealthy and the powerful have many a time managed to escape punishment.

When India gained independence in 1947 the existing Imperial system of bureaucracy was never overhauled. Some  very senior officers of elite Civil Services have a mind set time warped in colonial  times. They tend to behave not like Government servants but like pre 1947 colonial masters or " Jagirdars ". The word " Service" for such officials of  these prestigious cadres means service of politicians and not ordinary common Indian.

It is high time that such mind sets are reformed. Ruchika case punishment of SPS Rathore IPS ,  is part of this required reform.

There is an urgent need to reform and also reduce India's Top Level bureaucracy. Besides , bureaucracy should be delinked from politicians. After all present day political leaders are Indian people's " REPRESENTATIVES ". They are not the " SUCCESSORS " of  " Ghora ( White  ) Imperial Masters of pre 1947 colonial India.

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