June 16, 2010

Doaba ( Punjab ) NRI -Sher Singh Rana of Phagwara Honoured in England

Doaba region of Punjab comprising Jalandhar , Phagwara , Nawan Shahr and Hoshiarpur has the largest contribution of NRI ( Non Resident Indians ). Many have brought laurels to their Motherland. The latest to do Punjab and India proud is UK based Sher Singh  Rana a NRI from Phagwara.

According to news report in the " The Tribune "Lord Mayor of Coventry , UK has appreciated the role played by Sher Singh , Justice of Peace in helping public members especially those from India.

" The Tribune " mentions Ranas role in locating Sardar Munir Ahmed , chief architect  of Coventry , UK 's relatives in Village Domeli ( Phagwara ) near Jalandhar.

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