July 05, 2010

BJP Silent Over Urban Punjabis' Plight - Instead Calls Bandh in Jalandhar

Instead of giving  a call for Bandh in Jalandhar and around BJP should have done self introspection (" Chintan  Baithak " ) at the plight of urban Punjabis and vote bank politics being played in which the urban Punjabi has been virtually reduced to the status of  a second-class citizen in Punjab :-


Instead of refunds , urban Punjabis have received inflated electricity bills with Octroi and back breaking electricity tax. WHY NOT A BANDH AGAINST THIS JAZIA.


Why is BJP silent on the the manner in which Toll Plazas are bleeding common Punjabis. If petrol rate cari be an issue what about Toll Plaza loot.

Bandhs cause more harm to city dwellers than rural folk.

Jalandhar is not Srinagar and neither is BJP " Hurriyat  Party "

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