July 03, 2010

Fraudulent NRI Marriages- Unsrupulous Agents-8000 Punjabi Girls Forced In to Prostitution Abroad


Many NRI ( Non Resident Indian ) "grooms" indulge in multiple marriages. They take   another "wife " either for taking a cheap maid servant abroad for doing household chores or for forcing the hapless girls in to hazardous jobs abroad.

Many NRI marriages are a mere cover for human trafficking.

The president of Lok Bhalai Party and former MP Balwant Singh Ramoowalia , a a Press Conference in Jalandhar , revealed another shocking aspect involving innocent young Punjabi girls ; NRI " grooms " and unscrupulous travel agents enticing girls  and once taken abroad are made " Sex Slaves ".

According to Ramoowalia over 8000 Punjabi girls have been forced in to prostitution in foreign lands.




Helpline For NRI Deserted Girls

Deputy CM Punjab Sukhbir Singh Badal , taking serous note of the Fraudulent NRI ( Non Resident Indians ) Marriages ( Multiple Marriages , Holiday / Pleasure Marriages , Desertion of so called Wives and Their Children ) has started a Helpline

The Telephone Number of this Helpline is :-

0181 - 2221645


For Assistance Contact :-

Overseas Workers ' Resource Centre ,
Number Accessible From Mobile And Landline any where in the world


Toll Free Number

( from BSNL - MTNL Landline ) : 1800-11-3090

Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs ( MOIA )
Government of India

email : info@moia.nic.in



This Online Service is provided by the National Commission for Women (NCW) to register online complaints/ grievances against Non-Resident Indians (NRI) regarding domestic violence, harassment, dowry, torture, desertion, bigamy, rape, deprivation, gender discrimination, sexual harassment at work place, etc. The complainants/ users can register/ lodge their complaints by filling an Online Form wherein they are required to provide details of the Complainant; Details of the Victim including Victims current address; Respondents details including current address and address in India; & the Complaint details including the date of incident; complaint type and the brief/ gist of the complaint, to facilitate further action by the Commission.


Government of India is taking strict action against fraudulent Marriages by Non Resident Indians who indulge in multiple / holiday marriages with  Indian girls.

Register such cases with :-


Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs
National Comission for Women

Fraudulent Marriages Victims Please click   ;-



Also click :-






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