September 28, 2010

Exclusive Details of Vienna Trial Assailants Found Guilty - Sentenced

Late at night, after nearly 12 hours of discussion, a jury in Vienna decided the verdict: The main suspect was sentenced to life, four other men involved in the attack to 17 or 18 years, one to six months. The judge denominated the fact, that the assault was carried out in a room with a lot of women and children present, as aggravating.

The lawyer of the main suspect lodged a complaint against the verdict – so, according to Austrian law, it is not final yet.

 Since early afternoon, a jury in Vienna is discussing a verdict in the case of the alledged killers of Sant Baba  Rama Nand of Dera  Sachkhand Ballan ( Jalandhar ).

According to prosecutor Nina Weinberger, there is a lot of evidence against the main suspect - only his DNA was found on the weapon used to kill the Sant Baba  moreover, powder burns were detected on his clothes and hands. Prosecution also says that his accomplices attacked believers of the Sant Baba  with knives and daggers causing massive stab wounds on the bodies of their victims.

The followers of  Sant Baba  Rama Nand tried to defend their saint and themselves using rolling pins and frying pans - hit by these improvised weapons, the main suspect suffered massive head wounds including a skull fracture. He claims - not to remember anything. Witnesses gave contradicting statements during the trial, causing problems for the jury to find out the truth.

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