October 27, 2010

Jalandhar Citizens Condemn Arundhati Roy's Utterances as Blasphemy

Citizens of Jalandhar have demanded that  Arundhati Roy be booked under not sedition but blasphemy  Arundhati has grievously hurt the sentiments of majority of Indians . She should not be allowed to get away under the garb of democracy or Freedom of Speech.

Like , while we are Secular and Democratic but we refrain from critising any Holy Book . Then it becomes blasphemy. We , majority of Indians revere our Nationhood , our Flag and most importantly our  brave and most competent soldiers as Gods. If some one takes liberty with calling our Army with any name or as criminals then it is blasphemy.

It is because of the sacrifices of India's valiant soldiers like Major Som Nath Sharma PVC( Kumaon ) . Col Kaman Singh Pathania MVC ( Garhwal ) Col Dewan ( First Sikh ) , Sq. Leader Nirmaljeet Singh Sekhon PVC and many many more of their likes , that women of Kashmir were being  saved from the marauding Tribals ( 1947 ) to the present day Talibanis .

What does Arundhati Roy know of Major Som Nath Sharma or Col Kaman Singh Pathania. ?

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