November 27, 2010

Jalandhar Citizens Pay Tributes to 26 / 11 Martyrs

Jalandhar Citizens paid rich tributes to the martyrs of 26 /11 outrage.
Jalandhar citizens want that the real culprits and handlers are brought to India and justice be done 
Ajmal Kasab is a very small fry.To quote from Mario Puzo's " Godfather " Kasab is a mere "Button Man " meaning a very low ranking operative in the whole nefarious net work . A " Button man ' presses the " button '( trigger ) at the orders of senior operatives.

India should go after the real Dons ( Handlers of Kasab ). Kasab is a virtual information store house on his handlers . He would come in very handy for giving evidence against the real culprits supposing we bring them to India ( a la Israel style ). If we execute Kasab the real culprits would be the first to celebrate. SURELY WE CANNOT ALLOW SMILES ON THE FACES OF REAL PERPETRATORS OF 26/11.

Do not set Kasab free. Do not execute him either

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