December 19, 2010

Jalandhar Citizens Deeply Concerned at Massive Shooting ( Culling ) of Wild Animals in Himachal Pradesh

Jalandhar Citizens have expressed their deep concern at the reports of en masse killing of wild animals and monkeys in Himachal Pradesh.

Recently , authorities in Himachal Pradesh   have given permission to farmers and orchard owners for mass killing of wild animals and monkeys. Governments should not allow themselves to be pressurized by certain vested interests .

Terrified Monkeys are fleeing to other areas.

This conflict between man and wild animals is not new. But wild animals especially the leopard is on the brink.

Himachal Pradesh calls itself as " DEV BHOOMI " with great pride .Earlier all the temples of Jai Mata Di were surrounded by dense forests in Himachal Pradesh. Jai Mata is revered as Mata Sheran Wali.

A proper scientific policy should be worked out in which both man and wild life can co-exist. If forests are destroyed and wild animals killed wantonly today even man's existence is threatened. It is all a delicate Nature's balance.

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