December 30, 2010

Jalandhar Readers Appreciate Article in " The Tribune " by Gen Mailk ( Retd ) on Chinese Designs

Jalandhar thinkers have expressed their gratitude to Gen . VP Malik ( Retd ) for highlighting in " The Tribune " dated 30-12-2010 the Chinese designs  with regards to the boundary dispute between India and China and the role China is playing to nurture Pakistan to check India. The article , very timely , warns of the Chinese move to exclude around 1600 km of the Indo - Chinese boundary from being " disputed ". Further ,China perceives India to be a soft state.

Jalandhar readers are of the view that China has been very opportunistic in exploiting India- Pakistan tensions. Not only China has captured parts of Indian Kashmir ( Aksai Chin )  it has also grabbed parts of Pakistan administered Kashmir.

China has occupied Aksai Chin since the early 1950s and, in addition, an adjoining region almost 8% of the territory, the Trans-Karakoram Tract was ceded by Pakistan to China in 1963.

Both India and Pakistan should understand the Chinese game. India and Pakistan should think beyond their mutual distrust. They should settle their outstanding issues( including Kashmir ) mutually . But they should not let China exploit them.

India should be pro active both diplomatically and militarily against China  India has a vital stake in Tibet. India should pressurize   China to honour the commitments given in early 1950s for autonomy of Tibet.

A befriended Pakistan and a  liberated Tibet  are  in India 's strategic interests .

India can work towards both these goals .

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