December 22, 2010

Urban Punjabis Do Not Want to Subsidise Rural Consumers of Electricity

Jalandhar thinkers have expressed their dismay over reports of attacks on electricity employees by Bharatiya Kissan Union in Village Nayore.  Electricity employees were merely  putting electricity meters at open places where no tampering could take place.

It must be noted that every unit of electricity pilfered or consumed without making payment is ULTIMATELY PAID BY THOSE CONSUMERS WHO PAY THEIR BILLS HONESTLY.

Urban consumers of electricity feel that it is grossly unfair and discriminatory that the burden of providing free  electricity to rural landlords ( many of whom own properties worth hundreds of crores  ) should be imposed on them ..

When a small shopkeeper in Urban Punjab tries to make a living he is imposed PENAL electricity rates categorized as " COMMERCIAL ". This is as if it is a crime for an Urban Punjabi to make a living.

Urban Punjabis blame the State  Government for this modern age "Jazia " to further their vote bank.

Instead of creating divisions Punjab Government SHOULD PROVIDE FREE ELECTRICITY TO ALL PUNJABIS .

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