January 19, 2011

China Shows Aksai Chin and Arunachal as Chinese Territory - The Tribune News

Jalandhar Citizens are deeply concerned by today 's News in the popular daily " The Tribune " that China in" Google Earth " maps has shown Aksai Chin ( part of Jammu and Kashmir ) and Arunachal Pradesh as "Chinese territories ".

Jalandhar citizens want India to counter Chinese tactics with a very strong  response. ( China respects only brute force and India need not waste its time and energies on niceties when dealing with China  ) .

Our borders are not with China but with Tibet. In early 1950s China had given solemn assurances ( on which it has gone back ) that autinomy of  Tibet would be respected. ( Earlier Chinese maps also mentioned Tibet separately ).

India should treat Tibet as a separate entity .

( Historically Tibet has been closer to India than China . Its script is inspired and derived from Devanagri ( Sanskrit ) unlike the Chinese ideographic . Tibet is Buddhist , although China is doing its best ( or worst ) to destroy Buddhism in Tibet ..  There was time when India 's Ambassador cars use to run on Lhasa's roads )

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