January 20, 2011

Imported Timber From Canada - Available in Punjab

We were looking for imported woods in Punjab to start a new business. Traders mix wood with cheap qualities and push it through commission based network. We were interested to have quality and not to cheat builders and end users. We founded gill timbers- www.gilltimbers.com which is Canada and India based MNC dealing in Coastal douglas fir, hemlock, Oak, Maple, Walnut, SPF like woods.


Message being circulate purely in Good Faith . Please recheck independently . No responsibility with the Blog / Blog writer.



Anonymous said...

We want to start a new business but lot of people claim they are from Canada and can supply woods. Some have been duped and some are looking for some reff.

What we should do ? What is scale of reliability ?

Anonymous said...

Lot of people claiming to be from Canada coming to Punjab. Many scams have happened. Best practice shall be...choose a transparent supplier.

Visit their godowns and personal touch always help.

I have heard good about gill timber from builders but it is better you visit them. They seems to be having biggest network in india.

Anonymous said...

Yes- I am a builder I was cheated in name of canadian wood. I took the sample and went to gill timbers. I immediately purchased wood for frames and windows.
They are good people who have business in other countries too. It was pleasure meeting sammy gill- learned a lot about woods.
now they have started online business offers..if one is looking for cheaper options- http://www.gilltimbers.com/business_offers/