January 12, 2011

Jobs in UK - Message Received by Blog ( Please Cross Check )

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Victor Diaz Carrillo

show details 10:37 PM (12 hours ago)

TEL:+4470 4575 7082.

Dear sir/Madam

Coldwater sea foods co, UK and its joint ventures based in UK,after
recommendation from labour consultant we seek to write to your response on
a job opportunity.

The company need about 520 workers to sum up the already registered
employers whom their visa has been issued,because many workers will be
leaving the company at the end of this year cause of the expiration of
thier contract with the company.

The company have the following vacancy:
a)Fish packing(b)Fish cutting(c)company security(d)office
works(h)Administrative/medical jobs for degree holders in Health and
management courses(i)Computer Administration.

You are hereby advised to contact the company via this E-mail:

Kindly send your details along with scan copies of your international
passport and a copy of your recent passport photograph.

This is the entitlement and packages from the company.Paid
airfares,Transportation,Quality single housing accomodation in company
community,free medical care,life insurance, paid vacation and maximum
security in work enviroment and housing community.

The salary for the post of fish packing is £8pounds sterling per hour and
you will work for 8hours per day and also there is a chance for overtime
depend on your choice.

There will be no interview for the post of manpower job except the health
and management sector where the company required atleast a degree holder
in job related.

Candidates are expected to sponsor thier travell expenses except air
ticket which will be send to the applicant as soon as the applicant
comfirmd his work permit visa.

Working Hours:8
Salary:       £1800
Visa type:    2 years working permit
contract:     2 years
company site: Grimsby UK
Flight ticket to UK will be sponsored by the company.

All contract are meant to last for a span of 24months.

Send resume/detail curriculum vitae,telephone number via email :

We will enter into correspondence only with short listed persons or

Coldwater sea food co,UK
Greg Walter.

Victor Diaz Carrillo

show details 10:37 PM (12 hours ago)

Warning to Jalandhar citizens  and others  : Please exercise utmost caution and recheck every fact independently. This Blog takes absolutely no responsibility whatsoever for the correctness or genuineness of the message . Message circulated purely in Good Faith .

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