January 02, 2011

Physically Handicapped in India Want to be a Vote Bank- Ask For Postal Ballots

India and especially Punjab works on a system of Vote Banks.

Concessions , Reservations and Sops are given in India as per the strength of the respective Vote Banks.

Physically Handicapped Indians  truly the Weaker Sections of Indian Society too want to be an effective Vote Bank  like other Groups in India

The disabled ( around 10 % of Indian population ) want deemed SC / ST status. They want that they be given SEPARATE ELECTORATE with 10 % of Lok Sabha and Vidhan Sabha seats reserved for them . In elections the candidates for these seats would be elected directly and ONLY by the Physically challenged Indians .

Handicapped should be given the right to exercise their votes by POSTAL BALLOTS on the lines being considered for NRI s

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