January 26, 2011

Republic Day - Let Us Do Some Introspection Also

On the Republic Day we reiterate our pride for our country . While we have done well we could have done better.

Republic Day celebrates the promulgation of our constitution ( which totally did away with notional British monarchy and made India a Republic )

Constitution was the result of the brilliant work done by the Constituent Assembly under the legendary Dr. BR Ambedkar.

Constituent Assembly was formed in 1946 . Most important point is that at the time of its initial formation in 1946 Constituent assembly of India   had both Congress and Muslim League leaders in it. It would have been great had some sort of Union ( rather than complete
 Partition ) of India and Pakistan been worked out . ( Most of the controversial issues between Pakistan and India have arisen because there can never be total separation between the two countries  These outstanding issues are there not because the two countries are so separate but because Pakistan and India have so much in common ) 

Insignia of the Constituent Assembly ( Map showing United India )

The Constitution could have been promulgated  on 23 rd January to coincide with  the Birth Anniversary of Netaji Subhash Chander Bose , one of India 's greatst and most revered National Heroes .It would have signalled  that Netaji led " Arzi Hukumat -Azad Hind ( Provisional Government of Free India ) during World War II had , finally ,become " Asli Hukumat- Azad Hind " ( Real Government of Free India )

Please click on the Map on the Top ( Red colour )

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