March 06, 2011

NRI s Form Self Help Society to Protect Their Properties in Punjab and Rest of India

There have been numerous cases in Jalandhar and rest of Punjab where Non Resident Indians ( NRI )'s properties have been illegally sold or encroached upon.Such court and other cases drag on for years

Now , NRI s with the support of like minded legal eagles based in India have formed a Self Help Society  PIO Welfare Society ( PIO = People of Indian Origin ) to provide on line counselling and other help with the following office bearers :-

Co - Chairman : Meenu Sharma
( USA )

Co - Chairman : Hardev Singh Bal 
President : Amarjit Singh Sangha
Secretary -SS Gill

( All Canada based )

A website has been  launched by the Society :-

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------  supports amendments of the land revenue ( land records ) and Registration process . .

Instead of Registration ( Registry ) first  and then Mutation ( Intakaal ) it should be the other way round.

Firstly : Provisional Mutation
Secondly  Registration with the Sub Registrar ( Tehsildar )
Thirdly : Final Mutation

Like in electronic  Demat Share accounts , NRIs should issue " FREEZING " instructions to their designated " Patwar Khanas " No Mutation ( and hence no Land Transfer Registrations ) should take place as long as the NRI are out of their Motherland India.
Further if any application is received by the Patwari ( or Municipal Council ) for any change in the title then the owner should be suitably informed by email or Registered Letter by the concerned authorities.

Regards ,

Ashwani Kumar Aggarwal

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