April 08, 2011

Support For Anna Hazare -Rally in Jalandhar by Youth

Youth in Jalandhar took out a Rally from Guru Gobind Singh Stadium in support of Anna Hazare and his Gandhian campaign against corruption.

Aam Aadmi ,especially the youth are fed up with corruption which has been destroying India.

People demanded that black money stashed abroad be brought back to India . This amount should be used for development purposes and foe alleviating poverty,

The culture of VIP ism ( exemplified by shrieking Red Beacon on official Cars ) has no place in Independent India .

In free India there are neither VIP Indians nor Non - VIP Indians but only INDIANS.

With  the youth in Punjab awakening , hopes have arisen that exploitation of Urban Punjabis on Petrol ( Rate in Punjab - around Rs. 68 , whereas in Haryana it is around Rs. 58 ) and penal rates of electricity on Businessmen , euphemistically called " COMMERCIAL RATE " would end soon.

The culture of Vote Bank politics in Punjab would also come to an end with the youth taking up the leadership.

God Bless Anna Hazare

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