May 12, 2011

Electricity Rates Hike in Punjab - Paid Urban Consumers Resent Vote Bank Politics

Electricity burden has been raised , again , for Paid Consumers in Punjab .

Urban Punjabis including modest and landless  businessmen like shopkeeper are being made to pay for subsidizing Free supply of  electricity to Rural Landlords even if their land holdings may be worth in hunderds of crores.

The most glaring example of this twenty first century " JAZIA " on Urban Punjabis is the so called " COMMERCIAL " category of electricity connections and PENAL  rates for business men , including shopkeepers.

It seems it is crime in Punjab  if an urban business man tries to earn a livelihood.. There is no concession to Handicapped Punjabis.

Octroi ( Choongi ) continues to be levied on urban paid consumers of electricity .

Affected Urban Paid consumers of electricity in Punjab including Jalandhar , would support those candidates in the assembly elections who promise equality and end to Vote Bank politics. They want end of their exploitation .

COMMERCIAL CATEGORY of electricity consumers  and CHOONGI on electricity should be abolished with immediate effect,

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