May 04, 2011

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abdul bhari
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               Energy Conservation

     *E2e Solutions -on  global intrest *

                    *Some clever ways to save lots of electricity and MONEY
(and by the way: also the planet)*

     *In the Present scenario the gap between Supply and Demand for Power
is increasing and it is high time we create a culture for the proper
utilization of power and conservation of Energy.

In order to survive in the competitive world, energy conservation has a
major role to play in the industrial sector and to achieve growth in GDP, it
is necessary to give a fillip to the industry. This requires proper energy
management and India could save capital outlays to a large extent by saving
the energy in a proper way.*

     *Hard Facts of Energy Saver *

     Ø  *Guaranteed saving up to 25% in lighting load and 15%   in mixed

Ø  *Extends the life of discharge lamps and reduces replacement of chokes.*

Ø  *Centralized installation without delamping or relamping.*

Ø  *Guards the circuit from high voltage spikes and surges.*

Ø  *Improve the power quality.*

Ø  *Maintenance Free with 20 years life span.*

Ø  *Payback period is as low as one year.*

Ø  *Eligible for 80% depreciation in the first year of its investment under
income tax act.*

Ø  *Marginal improvement in the Power Factor. *

                                    *For Trade enquiry ,Power Audit & Demo
Contact :*

     *E2e Solutions*

*#27,8th cross Street,Thiruvalluvar Nagar,Kodungaiyur,Chennai-118.*

*Contact Person:*

*        **  Mr. Bhari        - +91  9884177791 ; *

*                                 - +91  7871629070*

*                                 *

                                          *News & Updates*

     *E2e Solutions's*  *ES~25 is a gateway to reduce the power bills &
optimizes the energy usage. The energy savings through ES~25 is not only
beneficial for Industries, Firms, Banks etc., but also beneficial to our
global intrest.*

     *Working Priniciple*

     *The ES25 is a high efficiency device that optimizes the Voltage and
Current (Static or dynamically) as the energy consumed increases in the
approximately square of input voltage, hence the output energy would reach
to an optimum level.

The diagram shows, the main winding A and secondary winding B, which is the
inverse phase energy saving winding. When the supply current passes through
winding A, magnetic restriction occurs in winding B, as B is connected in
series to the load, the energy induced due to magnetic restriction in the
reverse phase energy saving winding B, results in Voltage and Current
optimization to reduce energy consumption up to 25%.*
 * *

     *Satisfied Customers:*


*Nestle India Ltd*

*General Electric*


*Enetek Innocation S.L,Spain*

*Sara Holding ,Saudi*

*Philips ,Malaysia*

* *

* *

*   End to End Solutions    * -<>

  need appointment for : ES-25 ENERGY SAVER - 30 % save ur electric
bills in your OFFICE   and  please refer your corporates and friends -
save the nation

subject :  ES-25 ENERGY SAVER - 30 % save ur electric bills in your
office and factroies and labs

Dear Sir /Madam,

Thanks for the kind courtesy and cordiality extended towards Project -
Energy Conservation. It is a great pleasure to introduce ourselves as
a 20-year old company engaged in manufacturing of Energy Conservation
products.  The range of products manufactured by us is indicated
   (i)  Energy Savers for Lighting & Mixed load application
   (ii)  Energy Savers for Window / Split / Packaged / Ductable Air
   (iii) Electrical Control / Distribution Panel
   (iv) Automatic Power Factor Correction Panel for improving PF
close to unity
   (v) Domestic Energy Savers
{2} Our Product is tested and certified by
   * Central Power Research Institute, Bangalore.
   * Chief Electrical Inspectorate to Government of Karnataka
   * Karnataka Electricity Board, Bangalore
   * Southern Regional Electricity Board.
{3} Our Product is recommended by leading Energy Auditors like
   * Project & Development India Limited, Chennai.
   * Confederation of Indian Industries, Chennai.
   * Kirloskar Consultants Limited, Pune.
   * Tata Energy Research Institute, Bangalore
   * UV Krishna Mohan Rao & Associates, Chennai
{4} Our product is also recommended by leading Lamp Manufacturers –
Surya Roshni Ltd. and Philips.
{5} The company has acquired ISO 9001 Certification for design,
development, manufacture, supply, installation and servicing of ES~25
Energy Saving Devices for lighting, air-conditioning, mixed loads and
Electrical Control Panels by National Quality Assurance, UK.
{6} Our energy savers are accepted and appreciated by  many Corporate
Sectors, Engineering Industries, Oil Corporations, Hotels,
State/Central Government undertakings and IT Companies  such as Wipro
,Infosys, IBM, Microsft, GE, Motorola, IBM, Flextronics,Sony,Hospitals
like Paitl Nurshing Home, Narayan Hrudayalaya, etc...and we are
encouraged with repeated orders. Some of our major customer in Cement
Industries are ACC Cement , Sree Cement, Aditya Birla , etc ect...
Unique  Facts of ES~25 :
Guaranteed savings up to 25% in lighting load and 15% in mixed load.
Eligible for 80% depreciation in the first year o its investment under
Income Tax act.
Maintance free with 20 years life span.
Payback period is as one year.
It provides a hands free operation ( Automatically adjust voltage
through Micro Controller )
We are attaching herewith our  brief  Company profile, with the
product catalogue, AC Energy Savers profile and we request you to give
suitable time & date to discuss more and prove the ENERGY SAVINGS BY
WAY OF DEMO for Lighting and Air Conditioners.
We request you to also visit us at http://www.    for
more information.
Looking forward to your favorable response.

please call me at: 7871629070 or 9884177791,and we ll supply allover india,
Thanking you,
With regards,
CELL 9884177791, 7871629070
email address :<>

Note :
May I request you to kindly forward this mail to the concerned person
of your Department , your head office / Corporate and do the needful
in this regard.
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